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Tank Storage

Shippofy provides tank storage services that has a storage capacity of 904,633 m³ of storage capacity and 277 tanks of every size and types. As one of the independent shipping and logistics corporations with provision for Petroleum and Petrochemical Storage Services in Fujairah, Netherlands. We provide coated or mild steel and stainless steel storage in perfect solution for the reservations of your chemical, petroleum and petrochemical products, in large or small quantities.

High Availability and Reliability
Strict Environmental Compliance
Steam, Dry Air, Fresh Water and Nitrogen Purging;

Tank Storage shippofy

We offer multiple jetties to guarantee flexibility and maintain a standard operational hours for loading and unloading. Our offered jetties are suitable for all petroleum and petrochemical ships. Our train carriages are available at the loading places on a 24-hour basis. We pump-in and pump-out at a constant speed, because our tanks are equipped with standard vapor processing materials.

Our welded storage tanks are crafted in the field from heavy gauge steel using time tested fabrication methods. Specialized Project Superintendents practice the art of welded tank construction to ensure the correct material is ordered, delivered and shaped to the proper contours. Certified, skilled welders then fuse the mammoth sheets of steel together resulting in the extremely stout tanks. We utilize specialized equipment such as Automatic Girth Welders and Automatic Vert Buggies to ensure consistent welds and to reduce construction time. Our coating team members are experts in tank coatings and know how to achieve the best application. After fabrication, our welded tanks are prepared for the liquid coating. We take great care to prepare the steel to ensure proper coating adhesion and longevity. Directly after surface preparation, the liquid coating is sprayed onto the steel and allowed to air dry and cure. We offer various field applied liquid coatings specifically designed for the designated purpose and can accommodate even the most rigorous coating specifications. For municipal water applications, we use NSF Certified epoxy interior coatings. Alternatively, we offer interior coatings created for corrosive liquids such as crude oil, biofuels and brine water. We offer high solids interior coatings and can vary dry mil thickness if desired.



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